Working With Different Patterns

pillow-2092155_960_720When decorating your home, you may have a general theme in mind. Whether it’s minimal and modern, or more rustic, there is probably a certain set of colors that you are thinking with using. These colors should compliment each other (or sometimes contrast) so that the room doesn’t look like a mishmash of random. But there is a “next-level” to all of this. Sure, you can have the colors you want, but are you thinking with patterns?

Things like upholstered surfaces, carpets and drapes can all take advantage of patterns which can really make a room pop. The only “problem” is that not all patterns go well together, so they must be chosen carefully. Also, patterns will be composed of different colors, so this also has to match the general style of the room.

There is also the matter of which patterns to use. There are lots of variations of pattern sizes and styles. Houndstooth and checker patterns work well in some situation, while stripes work betters in others. Heck, even plaid can be made to work well in given circumstances (making it good for more than just bermuda shorts).

Ultimately, it comes down to what you like. After all, you are going to be the one living in the home with all those patterns and colors. Personally, I don’t use many patterns in my home. I like solid colors and rather that the eye goes to the items that I have placed around the room. But I will admit that I’ve seen some sofas or curtains that absolutely stole the show of a room with a bright, bold pattern. This can also work well if you want a minimalistic style. Let the few pieces of furniture and decor items in the room be the spotlight.

Tips For Staying Cool In The Summer

pier-569314_960_720I know that it’s only April, but the hot summer months will be here before you know it. And with that comes vacation time, water fun, and of course, excruciatingly hot weather. While this is just par for the course and not too many people may much thought to it, the added heat and increased perspiration can have some negative effects on your body. Things like heat exhaustion and headache are a common occurrence, so it is important to keep your cool during the summer.

So to help you all out with this, here’s a few tips on how to stay cool when Mother Nature is bringing on the heat:


  1. Apply sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors for any duration. This seems like an obvious one, but how many of us actually do it?
  2. Hydrate. You’re hot and sweaty, and that means that you are losing fluids. So keep some water handy so that your body can maintain enough liquid.
  3. Get electrolytes. You lose more than just water when you sweat, and actually, the loss of electrolytes can cause some bad symptoms (like headaches). So considering drinking a supplement that has more than just water in it.
  4. Stay cool with the proper attire. This is pretty easy if you are on vacation, but if you work office hours during the summer and need to look professional, try using a linen blazer, shirts and suits. Clothes made from linen breathe well and can really help to keep you cool.

So that’s our list. By applying all of the above points, you can really help your body adjust to the warmer weather, and still maintain enough energy to keep doing whatever you need to, be it work or play during the summer months.

Building Your Dream Home Entertainment Center For Less

home-theater-873241_960_720We’ve all had the experience of going to a relative or friend’s house, only to be blown away by a massive TV, high-quality sound system and other gadgets and gizmos part of their home entertainment center. Why would someone invest so much in that? Well, when people get home from work, the idea is to be able to relax and enjoy themselves, and being able to watch a game or movie in style can make the toil of the week feel more worth it. Not to mention that it can be fun to show off to your friends. The only problem is that such a setup would typically cost thousands of dollars. But if you know where to look (and what to look for) you can get away for having a killer setup for cheap.

In this endeavor, buying used is your best friend. Now that it is so easy for people to freely advertise and sell their stuff, you can find loads of deals. Plenty of people are eagerly buying the latest and greatest hardware and selling their older (but still perfectly serviceable) gear, and this is where you save.

Checking out sites like eBay and craigslist will turn up loads of deals on everything from televisions to Blu-Ray players to stereos and speakers. With a little bit of shopping around, you can find lots of great bargains.

Also, you can check out your local pawn shop in Davie, as electronics are a hot item to pawn. You can find video game consoles, games, movies, TV sets, etc. all for cheap.

With a little bit of digging around, you can get everything that you need for your dream home entertainment center for fractions of what it would cost you normally if you would go to buy things all new.

First Home? Get Set Up On The Cheap Part 2

Let’s continue looking at how you can furnish your new home and get the items and appliances you need without breaking the bank.

If you took our advice and went to a hollywood pawn shop in search of electronics and appliances, then you should also check out what kinds of tools they have while you are there. Owning a home means that you will be taking care of more repairs, and having the rights tools for the job is essential for home maintenance. Power tools and tool sets are another type of often-pawned items, so keep an eye out for deals on things like drills, saws and general purpose tool kits.

Moving on to decor, you may not think that these are a necessity (and realistically you can get away without them) but bare walls and shelves don’t look quite so inviting. All the little things that you typically see adorning tables and walls are what give a house a “home” feeling. Flea markets are a great place to search out and get this kind of stuff. You can find art, rugs, picture frames and other like trinkets that will help to give your home personality. Depending on the style you want, you should be able to find something to suit your tastes.

Finally, there is the matter of items like blankets, pillows, towels and the like. Typical you would go to a store like Bed Bath and Beyond and spend a few hundred dollars on these things. Actually, many dollar stores carry these types of things. And not of exceedingly poor quality either. There is also the option of thrift stores which are now carrying more and more home items.

Now take this information and go fill up your home, while not emptying your bank account.

First Home? Get Set Up On The Cheap Part 1

holiday-house-177401_960_720One of the most expensive things to do is to move into a new home. Not only do you have to worry about loans and closing costs and realtor fees, but there are a lot of hidden costs as well that one often forgets. Things like having to furnish the place so that you can be comfortable in it.

Herein lies one of the bigger hidden costs. Buying new furniture, appliances and decor items can be quite expensive…that is, unless you know where to look. There are actually ways that you can procure the items you need for not very much at all, and that’s exactly what we are going to go over in the following paragraphs.

For furniture, you have a few options. Sites like craigslist always have listings for used furniture in virtually every area. One can find living room sets, desks, tables and chairs, etc. and typically for not very much money. A little DIY action may be needed on some pieces, but you can furnish your home this way for a fraction of the cost. You can also get new furniture from Ikea which is actually quite inexpensive. It’s not going to be all made of high-quality materials, but at least it will look stylish and consistent.

Then there is the matter of appliances and electronics. Maybe your new living room needs a bigger television. Here is where not only craigslist comes to the rescue, but also the local pawn shop Hollywood. People often pawn appliances and electronics and you can typically find everything from TV sets to stereos to blenders to microwave ovens. With a little bit of haggling, you can usually find a great deal on these items.

Stay tuned for part two where we go over even more money-saving ideas for filling up your new home.

Getting Cheap Fishing Gear

fishing-1572408_960_720There is nothing quite like a relaxing fishing trip. There is something about getting out early onto the water, and playing the waiting game that is fishing. Whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater fishing, both can be a wonderful experience and can leave one feeling like their batteries are recharged after a tiresome work week.

The only part about this pastime s that getting the proper gear can be quite costly. Good rods can cost hundreds of dollars not to mention the reels themselves. It can actually be prohibitively expensive for some people. But there are ways to get fishing gear (and good fishing gear I might add) on the cheap. How? By looking in the right place.

You could try your luck at garage sales or flea markets, but this is very hit or miss. Rather, pawn shops will tend to be a more fruitful and consistent source. You can simply call in beforehand and ask what (if any) fishing equipment they have and will a little research, you can find something that will suit your needs and your budget.

This has an advantage over buying online at a site like craigslist because if the item turns out to be defective, you can often take it back (depending on the terms at the shop you visited). Things like rods, reels, tackle boxes; even things like small boats and trolling motors can be bought at a pawn shop. You could literally complete outfit yourself for a weekend fishing trip.

Enjoying this pastime can be costly, but if you are willing to shop around, then you too can participate in it without having to spend a small fortune on equipment.

Tips For Being A Picker

A unique and interesting job choice is to be what’s known as a “picker”. This is a person who simply buys used and vintage items for a low price and resells it for more thus turning a profit. It can be a good choice for some who like to be on their own, and who have a knack for buying and selling. Pickers will visit loads of places like a thrift store in Houston, a pawn shop in Hollywood, local garage sales, flea markets and even go way out of town in search of modern day treasure. It can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. So some tips are in order for those who are considering doing this.

The video below comes from a series on the History Channel about pickers, and give some professional tips and mindsets from someone who does this as a full-time job:

Urban Treasure Hunting

art-1850653_960_720When we think of treasure hunting, we typically immediately picture pirates searching over an island with a map and shovels in hand. Or, more modernly, we picture divers checking out old shipwrecks in search of previously undiscovered treasures and relics. Perhaps even we remember those people who comb the beach with metal detectors in search of long-lost jewelry. But what about treasure hunting in the modern, urban world? Well, it actually exists! It exists in the form of finding valuable items that require only a small payment.

Here’s an example: Say you go to a garage sale and find a vintage vinyl player in excellent condition marked at only $5. With the current resurgence in vinyl and not to mention all things vintage, you could easily resell this for over $100! THIS is modern treasure hunting, and it happens every day. Not only that, there are people who do this as a full-time job. And believe-it-or-not, so could you.

Doing this only requires a basic knowledge of how to research items (and their going prices) online, and a little bit of capital with which to begin buying items. The ways it goes is such: A thrift store, garage sale, pawn shop in Miami, or any other venue where items may be purchased cheaply is visited. Items that seem like they could be of value are looked up online to see if they are worth buying to then be flipped for a profit. With items purchased, they are cleaned up, photographed and then posted online for sale at sites like eBay. Then they are sold and shipped. It’s literally as simple as that.

This can actually provide one with a steady income, with all the freedom that comes from being one’s own boss. And what is treasure hunting really besides just finding something that can be then traded or sold later on for more?

Making A Living From Reselling Items

second-20113_960_720It’s no secret that times can be tough, and finding and holding a job can be a challenge for some people. Many of us have given up a lot of our own time and freedoms in the interest of making ends meet, and things that we would like to do seem to be relegated to the back burner or just go by the wayside.

This is why some people have decided to go into business for themselves. While you may think that you need to have some kind of special knowledge or skill in order to be able to do this (and I’m not saying that those wouldn’t help), many people are doing just fine without either, working as a “picker”.

These are people who go to thrift stores, garage sales, pawn shop Hollywood, flea markets, etc. in search of inexpensive items with good resale value. They buy the item, clean it up (if necessary) and then list it online on a site like eBay to flip it for a profit.

While yes, some knowledge is needed to do this, it is all easily obtainable. All you need to know is how to sell something online, and how to search for items (so that you can research what you should buy or not). A smartphone is literally all you need aside from some initial capital with which to buy your first items.

This type of business can afford one loads of free time, and can be done at the schedule one chooses. Someone who has gotten good at this can literally go shopping, buy their items, and post them online in about 3 hours. And with the potential of making well over $200 a day, this can be quite a lucrative endeavor.

How To Effectively Haggle And Bargain Part 2

icon-1718868_960_720Last time we visited this subject, we saw some useful tips from  concerning how to negotiate and haggle for a better price. These tips apply pretty much anywhere, whether you are buying a car or just trying to get a deal on something at a local hollywood pawn shop. So hopefully you read them well and are going to keep them in mind before your next purchase.

So now, let’s take a look at the next few tips and tricks concerning getting the best price:

5. Be Quiet

Silence between two people can be uncomfortable, and you can use that to your advantage after someone names a price. Instead of responding, look thoughtful without saying anything. This makes the seller fill the silence, and often, he or she will try to justify the offer. Let them keep talking and feel insecure. If you need to fill the silence, express hesitation about paying their price.

6. Ask for Extras

This is an important tactic to employ when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Maybe you can get accessories included with the purchase, or perhaps the seller will be willing to include some other low-cost items to make a sale on a large-margin item. For instance, cell phone providers make their money on long-term contracts. To motivate you, they may be willing to supply extras, such as phone cases or car chargers.

When the seller agrees to your target price, as it may be the lowest they can go, it’s time for you to see what else you can get for that price.

7. Walk Away

This is perhaps the most powerful tactic you have. In this economy, very few businesses can afford to lose a sale, and are afraid to let someone walk away without making a purchase. Above all, this gives you the upper hand in the negotiations.

Sometimes, just heading for the door or verbally ending negotiations is enough to motivate a lower offer. Even if you walk out the door, the seller may bring you back in or call you if you leave contact information. It’s an extreme tactic, but it can work.

However, the problem is that once you walk away, it is very difficult to go back. If the seller has a unique product and you have no other options, you can’t go to someone else. If you return after walking away, the power shifts to the seller. They will know you’re motivated to buy from them, and they don’t need to make any major concessions. Therefore, only utilize this tactic if you are willing to simply not make the purchase.

How To Effectively Haggle And Bargain Part 1

icon-1718868_960_720Buying things is usually a pretty straightforward affair nowadays. You go to a shop, see the price of something, and that is what you will pay. And that’s all. And while this is convenient, there are still places where one has the ability to haggle their way into a lower price. Places like certain car lots, garage sales, flea markets, a pawn shop in ft lauderdale, etc. So it would definitely pay off to have some skills in the art of getting more for less.

Now, since this is something that most people are now unaccustomed to, some gaining or sharpening of skills is in order. Below is an excerpt from an article from  which offers good advice for how to negotiate for a better price:


Rules of Successful Negotiation

1. Do Your Homework

You need to know some important things about the service or product you want to buy before you begin negotiations:

  • How Much Do Competitors Charge? If you can tell the seller you know the item is available for a lower price, it puts a lot of pressure on them to lower their offer. Furthermore, it lets you know that you don’t have to accept the seller’s offer. You can walk away from negotiations and still get what you want.
  • What Is the Cost to Your Seller? It’s useful to know the margin between the seller’s costs and asking price, especially when buying a new car. Research the invoice price that new car dealers pay the manufacturer – then you know the absolute lowest that they can go and still turn a profit.
  • Is the Seller Facing a Deadline? If a seller has to get rid of a product before a deadline, they are more motivated to sell at a lower price. Making money on the deal may not be the most important goal when a deadline is involved, as the consequences of waiting too long could be costly. Home sellers often have a deadline, as they may need to sell their property by a deadline so they can purchase another for which they are under contract.
  • Why Is Your Seller Selling? You don’t always buy from a business – sometimes you negotiate with sellers who aren’t even most concerned about making money. For example, someone who is moving may be willing to accept a very low offer for a large piece of furniture, just to be rid of it. Knowing why an item is for sale can give you an idea of how much money you need to pay.

2. Make the Other Side Name a Price First

By allowing the other side to name its price first, you may get a chance to counter with a number that is lower than what you would have offered initially – even if you do relinquish the opportunity to set the “price anchor,” which is the starting price point from which it can be hard to move. Of course, the initial price named by the seller may anchor you at a higher price, and this is where doing your homework can help. By knowing the competing prices, you may be able to significantly lower your anchor before negotiations start.

Michael Soon Lee, president of EthnoConnect and author of “Black Belt Negotiating,” is adamant about this point. He says naming a price first limits how low you can go in negotiations – even if you’re trying to establish a low anchor. After that, every counteroffer will be higher.

Lee states that you shouldn’t ever name a price. Once you do, the seller could agree to it and end negotiations – and it’s possible that the seller would have been willing to go lower.

3. Don’t Be Reasonable

The classic model of negotiation is that two parties offer different prices, eventually settling somewhere in the middle. Lee rejects that because the middle is too high of a price.

If you are going to make the first offer or name a price in a counteroffer, make it ridiculously low. Not only does it set the price anchor very low, but it puts the seller on the defensive. If they have a negotiating plan, it’s unlikely they will follow it after a ridiculous offer. They instead focus on getting a price higher than what you offer, and not what they want. The end result is a much lower price than what is considered reasonable.

This can be difficult advice to follow, as you may be afraid of being considered a jerk. Many sellers know that ridiculous offers are part of the negotiating process and are very unlikely to refuse to make the sale. Instead, they’re going to counter.

Furthermore, studies show that when faced with a ridiculous offer or counteroffer, a negotiator gains satisfaction from getting concessions from the other party. Therefore, if you offer $1,000 for that high-mileage used car in need of a brake job, the seller will feel like they won something by convincing you to buy it for $1,200 – even if it was worth more money than that.

It’s up to you to decide what is more important. Do you want to be liked, or do you want to save a lot of money? Remember, the two options aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. You may not be judged as harshly as you think, and paying a reasonable price doesn’t really make you more likeable.

4. Know the Limit

You need to gauge what is important to the seller. If they need to make a certain amount of money, they’re not going to budge. While you’re not trying to be reasonable, you need to let the seller walk away feeling they got something out of the deal.

As mentioned before, knowing a car dealer’s invoice price is powerful information. You know the truth when a dealer counters your offer with “I can’t go any lower.” Of course, while offering an extremely low price may work as an anchoring tactic, be prepared to settle for a price that allows the seller to make money.

Stick around as soon we will be releasing part 2 of this article with ever more tips and strategies for bringing sellers down to the lowest possible price.

Where To Find Dirt Cheap Jewelry

watch-123748_960_720One of the best kept secrets in retail is just how much things are marked up. This is to be expected because the manufacturers and sales companies need to make a profit, but just how much the real value of the item is can be surprising when you see what is being asked for it. And nothing is as market up as jewelry.

Speaking as someone who worked in a jewelry store, you wouldn’t believe the amount of markup. We’re talking a $2,000 items that only costs a few hundred dollars. Yeah, it’s that much. (Don’t believe me? Look at this:

Unfortunately, jewelry has been engrained in this society as “THE GIFT” that you give to your closest loved ones, whether for engagement, anniversary, or other special occasion. So how do you go about getting a nice gift without breaking the bank and being taken for a fool?

Well, you generally have 3 options.

The first is to look in places like craigslist for people selling their old jewelry. These items can be cleaned and resized and placed in a nice box. The downside is that the person will probably try to get more than the item is worth. Occasionally, though, you can get a good deal this way.

The next is through a local pawn shop (like a pawn shop in Ft. Lauderdale located). People often pawn jewelry (despite not really having any real value) and this can be a good place to find a deal. You may find yourself needing to do a bit of haggling, but you can get it done.

Finally (and probably most reliably) is to look online. Places like eBay, Amazon and Overstock sell jewelry for an affordable price. You can actually find really nice stuff for cheap this way.

Buying Used Items

book-1659717_960_720When trying to save money, people often buy their items secondhand. While buying clothes in this way is nothing new (most people know the “do’s and don’ts” about this) there are other things that can be successfully bought secondhand that may have potential potholes.

Here’s an example to show what I mean: If you are buying used clothes, you know to thoroughly inspect the item first for any stains, tears or other damage. This helps you to ensure that you get something that you can actually use. But if you are buying, let’s say, a television, you need to know how to check the item out so that you buy a working one.

So here are a few tips to help you in buying used items, particularly, electronics.

First, you need to be able to test out the item before taking it home. You need to be able to plug it in, and ensure that it is in working order. This seems obvious but many people omit to do so. No matter whether you are in a pawn shop in Davie or at a garage sale, try the device out fully.

Next, you need to see that it properly works with other devices. If it is a video game console, does it send output to a TV? Do the controllers work? Things like this also need to be tested.

Also don’t forget to test the items for signs of damage. Things with screens should be checked for dead pixels and ensure that all speakers are working. Does the remote (if applicable) work?

This may all seem like much, but remember that when buying used electronics, your guarantee runs out as soon as the item is in your car. So you need to do your checking out right there and then otherwise you run the risk of making a mistake and buying a dud.

Quick Guide To Pawning Items

chess-1483735_960_720Sometimes we find ourselves with a lot of “junk” lying around the house. By this I mean stuff that is still useful and functional, but that you don’t ever use. So you decide that it’s time to get rid of it. But throwing it out would be a waste as the item(s) is still good. But you don’t want to invest the time in having to sell it. So what do you do?

Well, a Ft. Lauderdale pawn shop could be an easy solution. First, though, keep in mind that you are not going to get as much money for your items at a pawn shop as you would by selling directly to an individual. The shop is, after all, going to be reselling the item so they will be needing to make a profit. But the convenience of not having to list it and deal with potential buyers yourself can be worth it, depending on what you are selling.

But in order to get the most money, you still need to know a few tips. Before you take the item to the pawn shop, be sure to thoroughly clean it. Clean items look better and more valuable, so this step is a must when you try to haggle for a better price. You will also want to get an idea of what these items sell for regularly, so you know if you are being lowballed. Be prepared to haggle as well. Just because you got an offer doesn’t mean that it is set in stone. Try to get a little more if you can.

As far as what items you can pawn, well that will vary from store to store, but generally jewelry, watches, power tools, electronics, things like that will be universally accepted.

Improving Your Salesmanship

money-1428594_960_720Selling is a big business. Whether you are selling cars or furniture or even working in a pawn shop in Hollywood, the ability to sell is a craft unto its own. So knowing and practicing it can greatly improve one’s sales. Now, notice how I said that it can be practiced. Yes, salesmanship can be learned. It is not something exclusively in the realm of inherent ability. Rather, it is a skill just like any other. While some may be naturally talented in it, it doesn’t mean that it is off-limits to anyone else.

Selling is really based upon good communication skills. Someone who can talk to people will sell better than someone who has poor conversation skills. So improving one’s ability to sell really is about improving one’s ability to communicate. And improving communication is not all that hard to do.

For example, we all know that you shouldn’t interrupt, but what about acknowledging what someone says? Or how about being able to listen comfortably without the need to butt in. These little things can make the difference between someone who is a pleasure to talk to and someone who is a terror.

Also, there is the point of common ground. If you want to talk to someone, you will need to talk about common ground. Sometimes this is easy as the guy is there to buy an SUV so you know where to start looking for common ground.

As an exercise, you should take a look at the points above and make note of which you need to improve on. Then practice talking to people with those in mind and see how much you can improve your ability to communicate successfully. That (along with knowing about one’s product) will really go a long way towards making one a better salesman.

Helping Items Maintain Their Value

camera-711040_960_720Sometimes, you know what you’ve got. Whether it is an antique piece or art or jewelry or even a collector’s item, people can wind up having a valuable object on their hands. It could be sold right away (and in the case of items solely valuable due to their immediate popularity, should be) or you may want to hang onto it for the future. After all, having a priceless item is like having a savings account.

But in keeping the item, it needs to be cared for. While antique items can appreciate with age, if they get damaged, this factor is negated. So care needs to be taken if one wishes to get top dollar for these items in the future, and not have to settle for a fraction of that down at a local pawn shop in Davie. So let’s take a look at some ways to help keep items at their best and most pristine.

First let’s talk about temperature. Hot and humid rooms can ruin everything from paintings to electronics. So ensure that valuable items are kept in a room that averages in the low 70’s.

Sunlight is also quite damaging. The sun can bleach the color out of most everything given enough time, and if this is an investment you plan on sitting on for some time, then you’ll need to keep it out of direct sunlight to keep it pristine.

Dust is another enemy of preservation. Dusty surfaces can become sticky and depending on the original material, hard to clean. So keep items covered and away from as much dust as possible.

Finally, there is air itself. Oxygen can be corrosive to certain substances, so wrapping items in plastic sheeting (a kind that does not stick or cling) can go a long way in preventing damage.

What Pawn Shops Are Really About

We have mentioned going to a Hollywood pawn shop in several articles before on this site, as a suggestion to finding cheaper items. This idea is sometimes rejected by people who have the idea that a pawn shop is not a legitimate business. This idea isn’t completely unwarranted, granted there have been many a stolen item sold at this type of establishment. But there are laws and regulations that control these shops and keep things as legit as possible.

So before you utterly dismiss using what could be a good option for buying and selling items quickly, check out the video below to learn a bit more about exactly what these establishments are all about.

Tips For Selling Your Stuff

information-1481584_960_720Many people have discovered that it is really not all that hard to sell their unused items either online, or through a garage sale or pawn shop as an alternative to throwing them out. This allows for some income to be made and who doesn’t need a little bit of extra cash? So this has inundated the markets with second hand items (which is great for those looking to make purchases on the cheap).

But it also presents a problem of so many people selling the same exact thing. So now there is competition and a sea of others selling the same items for potential buyers to have to sift through. So how can you make your items or listings stand out and sell for more?

It’s not all that hard, actually. With a few simple tips, you can create a successful item listing:

  1. Make sure the item has been thoroughly cleaned. This goes for online listings (before taking the photo) and for selling directly like at pawn shops. Clean, attractive items can sell for more.
  2. If you need to post photos, post a lot from different angles with good lighting. Dim lighting can make the item look less valuable, and many photos from different angles instills confidence.
  3. If doing an online listing, use proper keywords in the description. Include the model number (for electronics) and common names for the item. If you are selling an iPhone, mention the words, “iPhone”, “Apple”, “smartphone”, “64GB”, etc in the listing.

Doing the above can really help to make your listing appear in the search results (or help it stand out in pawn shops like, instill confidence in the buyer, and also get more money for the item. It’s only a few things to follow, so take the time and do them to maximize your income.

Getting Better Deals: Pawn Shop Haggling

Any businessman worth their suit knows that good communication skills are essential to business and success therein. You need to be able to clearly communicate what you need and be able to listen to clients and creditors to be able to make things work out. But communication also has another use in business, and that is in the realm of getting things for less.

Think about it. When you go to buy a used car, are you going to just pay the sticker price right away or are you going to try to see if they can’t give you a bit better of a deal? Of course, you are going to haggle to try to reduce the price. And this haggling can also be employed at any Ft Lauderdale pawn shop to get better deals on items therein.

So to help you out in this if you aren’t already an expert haggler, here are a few tips that you can use to try to get a better price.

First, simply ask the clerk if they can’t do any better on the price of the desired item. Only ask them that and then be quiet and let the mull it over. They may give you a better deal right there. You won’t know unless you ask.

Next, you can try getting two items for cheaper than individually. Let’s say there are both a TV and a video game system for sale. Make the clerk an offer for both (of course for a lower price than each individually). The ideal of two sales may entice the clerk to letting go of the items for less.

Try these two simple tips out the next time you are bargain hunting at your local pawn shop and see how much you can save.

Ideas For What To Do With Old Phones

slider-154173_960_720The holidays are approaching, and many people will be getting a shiny new phone for Christmas. But in the excitement of getting the new device (the the pain in the rear of having to reinstall all your favorite apps) you don’t really think about what to do with your old phone. Into a drawer it goes, and then you find it months later with a swollen and dead battery.

So should you throw the old phone out? No! There are plenty of things you can do with it.

Now, the first thing you may want to check is if the phone is still worth anything. If so, you may want to sell it online or take it to a pawn shop (like this one: for some easy money. But, there is always the alternative of making it into something more.

You could easily turn it into a security camera for your home. There are a few different brands of software that will turn an old phone into a WiFi security camera. It will require a little bit of tinkering with the settings, but it is cheaper than any other security camera solution out there.

You can also have fun and turn it into a mini arcade machine. Get some games and a little creative DIY work can turn it into a little tabletop arcade cabinet, complete with Bluetooth controller. Fun and easy.

Finally, you can easily turn your old phone into a wireless mouse and keyboard for your computer (if it is an Android phone). There are apps that let you do this and it can be very useful if you hook your computer up to your TV as a home entertainment system.

The Cheapest Way To Get A Gaming PC

motherboard-386669_960_720Video games are a big part of many people’s lives. It is no longer just something for kids, as many of those kids who started off playing games are now adults. In fast, the average age of people who play video games is in the mid 30’s. So it has truly become a full blown pastime for everyone.

But video games can be expensive, and I’m not just talking about the games themselves. The hardware to play them is typically hundreds of dollars. So while most gamers are now adults with their own money, it can still be a pretty steep price to pay.

But, there is a way to play games for cheap, and that is to build your own gaming PC. PC gaming is no longer a niche market, and there is no other system that can play as many games, and games for PC can be a lot cheaper than for consoles.

Building one can take a little bit of know-how, but there are lots of guides that you can find. The main thing you will need is an existing computer that you will later upgrade. You can find fully operational computers on ebay or by going to a local Hollywood pawn shop. Once you have this basic working system, the 3 things you will need to upgrade are the graphics card, the ram, and possibly the CPU. The graphics card is a must, so depending on what you first bought, this whole build can cost less than $200 and play today’s AAA titles.

Another plus for playing games on PC is that your old games will always work. As consoles get updates, they are not always backwards compatible. That means that your old library cannot be played unless you keep your old consoles around. With PC, this is not a problem.

I have no problem with consoles, mind you. I just feel that contrary to popular belief, if you want to play games on the cheap, the PC is definitely the way to go.

A Few Haggling Techniques

greeting-1296493_960_720Whenever you’re buying something from either a Davie pawn shop, a flea market or a garage sale, you need to be ready to haggle to get the best deal possible. Just because something is already being sold for cheap doesn’t mean that you can’t try to get an ever better deal. So to do this, you need to know how to haggle a bit. And to help you out, here’s three techniques.

The first is to simply ask the seller, “Can you do any better?” when inquiring about the price of an item. This makes your intent to buy present (but not too positive) and throws the ball in their court. They may say no, but there’s no harm in asking. So give it a try and very often, you’ll find that you can get a lower price just by using that one simple question.

The second technique is to try to get two items for less than each individually. If you are interested in buying at least two of the items a seller has, then make them an offer for the both. Like if they are selling a TV and a DVD player, say, “How about $— for both?” The seller may be enticed enough at the idea of selling two (or more) items that they may take your offer right there.

Finally, there is tugging at the heartstrings of the individual. Explain why you really like the item, but how you just can’t spend the asking price. Depending on who you’re talking to (and the level of authenticity to your story) you just may be able to shake a few bucks off of the original asking price. This technique isn’t for everyone, but there’s still no harm in trying if all else has failed.

Taking Buying And Selling To The Next Level

mobile-phone-1595784_960_720Most people are completely unaware of the possibility of being their own boss, and having their own company through online retail. With the amount of websites where you can post your items and the audiences that you can get, there is plenty of opportunity to make money selling. What’s more is that if you are a bit adventurous, then you can find products to sell quite easily and make a good profit online. So let’s take a look at how this works.

First, understand how the basic principle of this system goes: one can hunt down items at places like flea markets, Hollywood pawn shops or garage sales, and then clean up and sell the items online for a profit. This can be a very effective way of making money. Obviously you need to have some kind of idea as to what kinds of items sell well and for a good price, but even someone with no knowledge can use their phone to look up items while shopping.

There are a lot of different places that you can find items to sell. These include:

  1. Garage and yard sales
  2. Flea markets
  3. Clearance sales
  4. Liquidation sales
  5. Craigslist

Even online retailers like ebay can turn up deals where you have the potential to resell.

Once you find some items, you will need to clean them up and nicely photograph them for your listing. The more pictures, the better. Even if there are blemishes or dents and scratches, photo these too and be honest in the listing (this will earn you a good reputation).

Then it’s up to you to do a bit of research and see how much to charge for the item. You can see what other people are charging, but you really want to see how much the ones actually being sold cost. Maybe everyone wants to sell a particular item for $100, but the only ones that sell are priced at $70. Take your time and do your research.