The Cheapest Way To Get A Gaming PC

motherboard-386669_960_720Video games are a big part of many people’s lives. It is no longer just something for kids, as many of those kids who started off playing games are now adults. In fast, the average age of people who play video games is in the mid 30’s. So it has truly become a full blown pastime for everyone.

But video games can be expensive, and I’m not just talking about the games themselves. The hardware to play them is typically hundreds of dollars. So while most gamers are now adults with their own money, it can still be a pretty steep price to pay.

But, there is a way to play games for cheap, and that is to build your own gaming PC. PC gaming is no longer a niche market, and there is no other system that can play as many games, and games for PC can be a lot cheaper than for consoles.

Building one can take a little bit of know-how, but there are lots of guides that you can find. The main thing you will need is an existing computer that you will later upgrade. You can find fully operational computers on ebay or by going to a local Hollywood pawn shop. Once you have this basic working system, the 3 things you will need to upgrade are the graphics card, the ram, and possibly the CPU. The graphics card is a must, so depending on what you first bought, this whole build can cost less than $200 and play today’s AAA titles.

Another plus for playing games on PC is that your old games will always work. As consoles get updates, they are not always backwards compatible. That means that your old library cannot be played unless you keep your old consoles around. With PC, this is not a problem.

I have no problem with consoles, mind you. I just feel that contrary to popular belief, if you want to play games on the cheap, the PC is definitely the way to go.