Ideas For What To Do With Old Phones

slider-154173_960_720The holidays are approaching, and many people will be getting a shiny new phone for Christmas. But in the excitement of getting the new device (the the pain in the rear of having to reinstall all your favorite apps) you don’t really think about what to do with your old phone. Into a drawer it goes, and then you find it months later with a swollen and dead battery.

So should you throw the old phone out? No! There are plenty of things you can do with it.

Now, the first thing you may want to check is if the phone is still worth anything. If so, you may want to sell it online or take it to a pawn shop (like this one: for some easy money. But, there is always the alternative of making it into something more.

You could easily turn it into a security camera for your home. There are a few different brands of software that will turn an old phone into a WiFi security camera. It will require a little bit of tinkering with the settings, but it is cheaper than any other security camera solution out there.

You can also have fun and turn it into a mini arcade machine. Get some games and a little creative DIY work can turn it into a little tabletop arcade cabinet, complete with Bluetooth controller. Fun and easy.

Finally, you can easily turn your old phone into a wireless mouse and keyboard for your computer (if it is an Android phone). There are apps that let you do this and it can be very useful if you hook your computer up to your TV as a home entertainment system.