Tips For Selling Your Stuff

information-1481584_960_720Many people have discovered that it is really not all that hard to sell their unused items either online, or through a garage sale or pawn shop as an alternative to throwing them out. This allows for some income to be made and who doesn’t need a little bit of extra cash? So this has inundated the markets with second hand items (which is great for those looking to make purchases on the cheap).

But it also presents a problem of so many people selling the same exact thing. So now there is competition and a sea of others selling the same items for potential buyers to have to sift through. So how can you make your items or listings stand out and sell for more?

It’s not all that hard, actually. With a few simple tips, you can create a successful item listing:

  1. Make sure the item has been thoroughly cleaned. This goes for online listings (before taking the photo) and for selling directly like at pawn shops. Clean, attractive items can sell for more.
  2. If you need to post photos, post a lot from different angles with good lighting. Dim lighting can make the item look less valuable, and many photos from different angles instills confidence.
  3. If doing an online listing, use proper keywords in the description. Include the model number (for electronics) and common names for the item. If you are selling an iPhone, mention the words, “iPhone”, “Apple”, “smartphone”, “64GB”, etc in the listing.

Doing the above can really help to make your listing appear in the search results (or help it stand out in pawn shops like, instill confidence in the buyer, and also get more money for the item. It’s only a few things to follow, so take the time and do them to maximize your income.