Helping Items Maintain Their Value

camera-711040_960_720Sometimes, you know what you’ve got. Whether it is an antique piece or art or jewelry or even a collector’s item, people can wind up having a valuable object on their hands. It could be sold right away (and in the case of items solely valuable due to their immediate popularity, should be) or you may want to hang onto it for the future. After all, having a priceless item is like having a savings account.

But in keeping the item, it needs to be cared for. While antique items can appreciate with age, if they get damaged, this factor is negated. So care needs to be taken if one wishes to get top dollar for these items in the future, and not have to settle for a fraction of that down at a local pawn shop in Davie. So let’s take a look at some ways to help keep items at their best and most pristine.

First let’s talk about temperature. Hot and humid rooms can ruin everything from paintings to electronics. So ensure that valuable items are kept in a room that averages in the low 70’s.

Sunlight is also quite damaging. The sun can bleach the color out of most everything given enough time, and if this is an investment you plan on sitting on for some time, then you’ll need to keep it out of direct sunlight to keep it pristine.

Dust is another enemy of preservation. Dusty surfaces can become sticky and depending on the original material, hard to clean. So keep items covered and away from as much dust as possible.

Finally, there is air itself. Oxygen can be corrosive to certain substances, so wrapping items in plastic sheeting (a kind that does not stick or cling) can go a long way in preventing damage.