Improving Your Salesmanship

money-1428594_960_720Selling is a big business. Whether you are selling cars or furniture or even working in a pawn shop in Hollywood, the ability to sell is a craft unto its own. So knowing and practicing it can greatly improve one’s sales. Now, notice how I said that it can be practiced. Yes, salesmanship can be learned. It is not something exclusively in the realm of inherent ability. Rather, it is a skill just like any other. While some may be naturally talented in it, it doesn’t mean that it is off-limits to anyone else.

Selling is really based upon good communication skills. Someone who can talk to people will sell better than someone who has poor conversation skills. So improving one’s ability to sell really is about improving one’s ability to communicate. And improving communication is not all that hard to do.

For example, we all know that you shouldn’t interrupt, but what about acknowledging what someone says? Or how about being able to listen comfortably without the need to butt in. These little things can make the difference between someone who is a pleasure to talk to and someone who is a terror.

Also, there is the point of common ground. If you want to talk to someone, you will need to talk about common ground. Sometimes this is easy as the guy is there to buy an SUV so you know where to start looking for common ground.

As an exercise, you should take a look at the points above and make note of which you need to improve on. Then practice talking to people with those in mind and see how much you can improve your ability to communicate successfully. That (along with knowing about one’s product) will really go a long way towards making one a better salesman.