Buying Used Items

book-1659717_960_720When trying to save money, people often buy their items secondhand. While buying clothes in this way is nothing new (most people know the “do’s and don’ts” about this) there are other things that can be successfully bought secondhand that may have potential potholes.

Here’s an example to show what I mean: If you are buying used clothes, you know to thoroughly inspect the item first for any stains, tears or other damage. This helps you to ensure that you get something that you can actually use. But if you are buying, let’s say, a television, you need to know how to check the item out so that you buy a working one.

So here are a few tips to help you in buying used items, particularly, electronics.

First, you need to be able to test out the item before taking it home. You need to be able to plug it in, and ensure that it is in working order. This seems obvious but many people omit to do so. No matter whether you are in a pawn shop in Davie or at a garage sale, try the device out fully.

Next, you need to see that it properly works with other devices. If it is a video game console, does it send output to a TV? Do the controllers work? Things like this also need to be tested.

Also don’t forget to test the items for signs of damage. Things with screens should be checked for dead pixels and ensure that all speakers are working. Does the remote (if applicable) work?

This may all seem like much, but remember that when buying used electronics, your guarantee runs out as soon as the item is in your car. So you need to do your checking out right there and then otherwise you run the risk of making a mistake and buying a dud.