How To Effectively Haggle And Bargain Part 2

icon-1718868_960_720Last time we visited this subject, we saw some useful tips from  concerning how to negotiate and haggle for a better price. These tips apply pretty much anywhere, whether you are buying a car or just trying to get a deal on something at a local hollywood pawn shop. So hopefully you read them well and are going to keep them in mind before your next purchase.

So now, let’s take a look at the next few tips and tricks concerning getting the best price:

5. Be Quiet

Silence between two people can be uncomfortable, and you can use that to your advantage after someone names a price. Instead of responding, look thoughtful without saying anything. This makes the seller fill the silence, and often, he or she will try to justify the offer. Let them keep talking and feel insecure. If you need to fill the silence, express hesitation about paying their price.

6. Ask for Extras

This is an important tactic to employ when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Maybe you can get accessories included with the purchase, or perhaps the seller will be willing to include some other low-cost items to make a sale on a large-margin item. For instance, cell phone providers make their money on long-term contracts. To motivate you, they may be willing to supply extras, such as phone cases or car chargers.

When the seller agrees to your target price, as it may be the lowest they can go, it’s time for you to see what else you can get for that price.

7. Walk Away

This is perhaps the most powerful tactic you have. In this economy, very few businesses can afford to lose a sale, and are afraid to let someone walk away without making a purchase. Above all, this gives you the upper hand in the negotiations.

Sometimes, just heading for the door or verbally ending negotiations is enough to motivate a lower offer. Even if you walk out the door, the seller may bring you back in or call you if you leave contact information. It’s an extreme tactic, but it can work.

However, the problem is that once you walk away, it is very difficult to go back. If the seller has a unique product and you have no other options, you can’t go to someone else. If you return after walking away, the power shifts to the seller. They will know you’re motivated to buy from them, and they don’t need to make any major concessions. Therefore, only utilize this tactic if you are willing to simply not make the purchase.