Making A Living From Reselling Items

second-20113_960_720It’s no secret that times can be tough, and finding and holding a job can be a challenge for some people. Many of us have given up a lot of our own time and freedoms in the interest of making ends meet, and things that we would like to do seem to be relegated to the back burner or just go by the wayside.

This is why some people have decided to go into business for themselves. While you may think that you need to have some kind of special knowledge or skill in order to be able to do this (and I’m not saying that those wouldn’t help), many people are doing just fine without either, working as a “picker”.

These are people who go to thrift stores, garage sales, pawn shop Hollywood, flea markets, etc. in search of inexpensive items with good resale value. They buy the item, clean it up (if necessary) and then list it online on a site like eBay to flip it for a profit.

While yes, some knowledge is needed to do this, it is all easily obtainable. All you need to know is how to sell something online, and how to search for items (so that you can research what you should buy or not). A smartphone is literally all you need aside from some initial capital with which to buy your first items.

This type of business can afford one loads of free time, and can be done at the schedule one chooses. Someone who has gotten good at this can literally go shopping, buy their items, and post them online in about 3 hours. And with the potential of making well over $200 a day, this can be quite a lucrative endeavor.