Urban Treasure Hunting

art-1850653_960_720When we think of treasure hunting, we typically immediately picture pirates searching over an island with a map and shovels in hand. Or, more modernly, we picture divers checking out old shipwrecks in search of previously undiscovered treasures and relics. Perhaps even we remember those people who comb the beach with metal detectors in search of long-lost jewelry. But what about treasure hunting in the modern, urban world? Well, it actually exists! It exists in the form of finding valuable items that require only a small payment.

Here’s an example: Say you go to a garage sale and find a vintage vinyl player in excellent condition marked at only $5. With the current resurgence in vinyl and not to mention all things vintage, you could easily resell this for over $100! THIS is modern treasure hunting, and it happens every day. Not only that, there are people who do this as a full-time job. And believe-it-or-not, so could you.

Doing this only requires a basic knowledge of how to research items (and their going prices) online, and a little bit of capital with which to begin buying items. The ways it goes is such: A thrift store, garage sale, pawn shop in Miami, or any other venue where items may be purchased cheaply is visited. Items that seem like they could be of value are looked up online to see if they are worth buying to then be flipped for a profit. With items purchased, they are cleaned up, photographed and then posted online for sale at sites like eBay. Then they are sold and shipped. It’s literally as simple as that.

This can actually provide one with a steady income, with all the freedom that comes from being one’s own boss. And what is treasure hunting really besides just finding something that can be then traded or sold later on for more?