Tips For Staying Cool In The Summer

pier-569314_960_720I know that it’s only April, but the hot summer months will be here before you know it. And with that comes vacation time, water fun, and of course, excruciatingly hot weather. While this is just par for the course and not too many people may much thought to it, the added heat and increased perspiration can have some negative effects on your body. Things like heat exhaustion and headache are a common occurrence, so it is important to keep your cool during the summer.

So to help you all out with this, here’s a few tips on how to stay cool when Mother Nature is bringing on the heat:


  1. Apply sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors for any duration. This seems like an obvious one, but how many of us actually do it?
  2. Hydrate. You’re hot and sweaty, and that means that you are losing fluids. So keep some water handy so that your body can maintain enough liquid.
  3. Get electrolytes. You lose more than just water when you sweat, and actually, the loss of electrolytes can cause some bad symptoms (like headaches). So considering drinking a supplement that has more than just water in it.
  4. Stay cool with the proper attire. This is pretty easy if you are on vacation, but if you work office hours during the summer and need to look professional, try using a linen blazer, shirts and suits. Clothes made from linen breathe well and can really help to keep you cool.

So that’s our list. By applying all of the above points, you can really help your body adjust to the warmer weather, and still maintain enough energy to keep doing whatever you need to, be it work or play during the summer months.