Working With Different Patterns

pillow-2092155_960_720When decorating your home, you may have a general theme in mind. Whether it’s minimal and modern, or more rustic, there is probably a certain set of colors that you are thinking with using. These colors should compliment each other (or sometimes contrast) so that the room doesn’t look like a mishmash of random. But there is a “next-level” to all of this. Sure, you can have the colors you want, but are you thinking with patterns?

Things like upholstered surfaces, carpets and drapes can all take advantage of patterns which can really make a room pop. The only “problem” is that not all patterns go well together, so they must be chosen carefully. Also, patterns will be composed of different colors, so this also has to match the general style of the room.

There is also the matter of which patterns to use. There are lots of variations of pattern sizes and styles. Houndstooth and checker patterns work well in some situation, while stripes work betters in others. Heck, even plaid can be made to work well in given circumstances (making it good for more than just bermuda shorts).

Ultimately, it comes down to what you like. After all, you are going to be the one living in the home with all those patterns and colors. Personally, I don’t use many patterns in my home. I like solid colors and rather that the eye goes to the items that I have placed around the room. But I will admit that I’ve seen some sofas or curtains that absolutely stole the show of a room with a bright, bold pattern. This can also work well if you want a minimalistic style. Let the few pieces of furniture and decor items in the room be the spotlight.