Random Friday

1. It’s been one week since I was laid off from my day job.  I think I’ve been busier this week then I was all of last month.  I’ve been up the the girls’ school, cleaned the house, made phone calls, booked shoots, met with my Realtor, had quality time with my best friend, lunch with my husband and took a nap.  I think this is going to be a good thing, well except for the I-now-don’t-get-a-regular-paycheck thing.  Thankfully I have been building Robinwood Photography along the way.   I’m offering Lay Off Specials–$100 off portrait sessions and $500 off 2011 weddings.

2. Tuesday night I attended parent orientation night at the Middle School.  I then went home and had a bagel.  Carbs were the only thing that could comfort me as I dealt with the shock of sending my first born to the sixth grade next year.  She toured the school on Thursday.  At first she was so excited and nervous that her stomach was  upset.  I agreed to stay with her during the  assembly but when it was time to tour the school I told her she had to do it on her own.  She was so nervous but shortly after I left her I received a text that said “This is WAY cool.”  My heart smiled.  My baby isn’t a baby anymore.

3. Gas and groceries will put me in the poor house.  We’ll be staying home and eating beans and rice until the prices go down.

4.  Lent has started.  I gave up diet coke.  It’s very hard for me.  I am a sodaholic. I’m hoping my Lenten Discipline will finally break me of this horrible habit.

5.  Easter Candy Season has started.  Jelly beans are my nemesis.

6.  Prayers for Japan, Hawaii and the West Coast.

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