Siena 1 year old Portraits

Siena is 1 and about to be a big sister!  Her mom, Amy, wanted to get a session in before he new brother joined the family.

Amy found a neighbor’s yard that provided a great backdrop for Siena’s portraits.  I often have moms play with their children while I shoot a bit.  This allows for the child to get used to me shooting them.  It also allows for some great shots like the one below.  Siena was so happy to have the smooth rock to hold.  She was enamored by the purple flowers and tried to smell them.  I think in this photo you can really see the love in Amy’s face…she loves being this girl’s mommy.

laughing child

Smiling and standing at the same time is a tough job!  This photo shows a true “One year old”.  Notice the scrape on her knee.  Portraits don’t have to be perfect.  Minor imperfections show us that we are human and remind moms of the boo-boos we have kissed over time.

smiling 1 year portrait

I try and take one photo from each session and make it Black and White.  I feel this photo is classic.  Timeless photos of children are treasures.

classic black and white portrait

Amy wanted one picture taken with Siena.  I sent her a shot that was posed, where they were both smiling.  This is my 2nd favorite of the two of them together (My absolute favorite is the 1st photo I posted.)  Here Amy and Siena are looking at a flower, talking about how it is purple and round.  The sun just kisses their hair.

mother and child

Lately I seem to have had a lot of children to photograph who are celebrating their first birthdays!  I love these kiddos with their wobbly legs.

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