Snow White and the Woodsman | Anniversary Session

The real story of Snow White is not as cute as Walt Disney would like us to believe.  The step-mother was a very jealous, so much so she told the woodsman to take Snow White into the woods and then carve out her heart and lungs.   When I read The Grimm Brothers’ version of Snow White I envisioned a darker story.  One where the Woodsman actually loves Snow White,  where he is torn between his duty to the Queen and his love of the fair maiden.  I could see the Woodsman being Snow White’s one true love and awaking her from her poisoned slumber with a kiss.

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I want to thank my models for this shoot.  Carly and Raymond will be celebrating their 1st anniversary in September.  I photographed their engagement photos last year and when I put out the call for models they contacted me right away for the opportunity to be in my Snow White shoot.  After we got the shots for that shoot we took a few shots to celebrate their 1st anniversary.

April Ochs - July 20, 2011 - 10:23 pm

Well Sus, you did it again! AMAZING pictures. I especially like the shot of them with the moon in the sky in the background. Looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday!!!

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