The Story Behind Robinwood Photography

When I was a fairly young girl my grandparents were faced with a dilemma.  Our family farm was being put up for sale.  They knew they would miss weekends in the country and also felt that it was important that all of the children grow up knowing about country living.  After a search they found the perfect place.  It was 5 acres in Waller County, just outside of Houston.  There was a modest 2 bedroom house with modern comforts set at the back of the property.  A small tank was to the front of the property and Pop quickly stocked it with catfish and large-mouthed bass.  The numerous hickory and oak trees gave the property a park-like feel.  The final selling point was the garden beside the road.  My grandfather could teach us all how to grow tomatoes, okra, squash and green beans.  My grandparents bought the property and after a 45 minute drive from Houston we would be at our place to have a weekend full of fun.

But confusion rose in our family after they purchased the property.  The family farm had not yet sold and they had another country home.  To say that we were going to “the country” could mean two things–the farm in Tomball or the property in Waller.  I’m not sure who first started it, but the property in Waller became known as “Robinwood”.  Now, it was pretty easy to figure out why it was called Robinwood–the address was #5 Robinwood Lane, in the Robinwood Estates Development.  We would call our grandparents and ask “Are you going out to Robinwood this weekend?”  An answer of “yes” normally had us begging to come along, making the trip in the back of my grandfather’s pick up truck. (note: it was the 80’s–long before seat belt laws and the bed was covered with the “dog house” as Poppie called it.)

My brother and I spent every available moment at Robinwood with my grandparents.  It was an amazing playground of fun.  Tractor rides, BB guns, fishing poles, woods to explore–we’d go from sun up to sun down.  We worked hard too.  We helped in the garden, clear brush, clean the house, canned veggies, smoked sausage–but it was all fun!  After a long day of working we would head down to the “Lake” (really just a stock tank) with some catfish food and cane poles.  It was good living folks!

Last February we lost my Grandfather.  He was 81 and had battled Emphysema for decades.  I know how truly blessed I am to have had 34 years with my grandfather…and my children have such sweet memories with him as well.  He taught me most of what I know (my grandmother taught me the rest.)  But one of the greatest things he taught me was to have a true love for life–enjoy what you are doing, be good at it and share your gift with others.  And that is how Robinwood Photography was born.  What better way to memorialize my grandfather and the wonderful childhood memories I have than to name my company after the place where those memories were made!  Robinwood is the place where I first learned to take pictures and where I learned the way light traveled throughout the day.  I feel that my business should be a joy and a way to share joy with others.  Naming it Robinwood Photography just felt right.


Dad and Donna - November 7, 2009 - 10:03 am

This story about Robinwood and Pop is great. We were all so blessed to have such a special place to spend time. Always remember to be thankful to both of your grandparents for the special love and times they have given to both you and Kyle. Hold tight to the values that they both taught you and try to live your life by their example.]

We Love you kiddo keep up the good work! We are proud of you!

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